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Louella Edwards |
Im looking for any relatives of Percival Edward Woodcock Born in sicily islands, Cornwall and served in the welsh regiment.
Married Norah Moon frm India.
Children are Percival,Sylvia and Daphne.
Any information would be appreciated
Tuesday November 28 2006 - India

Timothy Rolfe |
Hi My GrandMother Was Ida WoodCock Daughter of Isaac Wesley Woodcock.Nice To See There is More Relitives.We Were About To Think My Dads Side of The Family Was MIA Somewhere in Space LOL.
I'm Really Looking Forward To Hear From You. Add Me To You all Msn's If You Wanna Chat About The Family or Really Anything.
My Msn is bigdaddy67_cambridge@hotmail.com
ps i really dont use my yahoo i look at maybe once a month so if you contact me by yahoo it might take a month :) Thanx.
Saturday November 25 2006 - Cannuck aka Canada

Nancy Woodcock
Hello I'm looking for Beatrice Woodcock, Her sister is Inace Woodcock. I would like to talk to her Thanks
Sunday November 12 2006

carey woodock |
my family is from new brunswick and we are woodcocks. my grandfater was berton woodcock. i also have a plack with the code of arms with the first spelling and how it changed over the years
Thursday November 2 2006 - cambridge ontario

Jeff Heuer |
My g-g-g grandmother on mom's side was Lucinda Woodcock. You state that she was married to a James Ripley (with a question mark). Let me fill you in on a few things to update and correct. The correct spelling of his last name was 'Rapley' , and she would be her second husband. First was Dennis Burns (born 1820 died1850). Updated info on ancestry dotcom.

You have a great site, I have been doing some research on the family lines going back to precolonial times, some famous names in there. Many ancestors to be proud of, with thousands of living descendents.
Friday October 20 2006 - Fresno, California

dennis woodcock |
hey there are alot more of us than i thought
alot of history and huge diverse background
im half korean english irish and portuguese
married to a beautiful vietnamese woman
gonna diversify our heritage some more
currently just got back from iraq as well

grandfather clarence woodcock grandmother margeret winters

father dennis woodcock uncle timothy woodcock aunt susan woodcock
we are all around the u.s currently from coast to coast
Thursday October 19 2006 - washington but originally from mass

sidney joiner |
My Grandfather was Zachariah Franklin Woodcock I would like to add to this and get some information about the family I have had some troble geting posted
Thursday October 12 2006 - 6pm 10 12 o6 Cumming Georgia

Tim Woodcock |
It is great to see the name has so much history thanks for everyones research.
Thursday October 12 2006 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Terry Memmory |
Researching Emma Woodcock Darlaston UK.
Sunday October 1 2006 - Derby England UK.

Betty Lee Roberts Mintz |
My grandmother was Lizzie Maybelle Woodcock. She married William Augustus Roberts. My dad, their son, was Roscoe Roberts. He was born 04/05/25 and died 12/27/96. I am Roscoe's second child, born 02/15/57. My husband is Jimmie Dale Mintz. We married 05/04/74. Our oldest child is Crystal Rochelle Mintz Robinson, born 02/10/75. Crystal married Steve Paul Robinson, 08/11/95. They have one son, Steven Gunner Robinson, 08/15/05. Our second child Timothy Dale Mintz, born 05/26/76. He married Donna Leigh Watkins, 12/31/01. They have two sons, Tyler Dale Mintz, 12/06/02, Timothy Rylee Mintz, 06/05/05.
Saturday September 9 2006 - North Carolina

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