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Rose Marie Carey van Oppen |
Hope I'm in the right place because I have new information for the Edward Breland family page.
Martha aka Mattie Breland Tisdell (Tisdale) d. 11 March 1939, East Baton Rouge Parish.
John Whitfield Tisdale (not Tisdell) d. 30Nov 1926 7th Ward, New Orleans, La.
Alice Marguerite Tisdale, my paternal grandmother, d
11 March 1954, East Baton Rouge Parish.
I have death certificates for them, buried in Kentwood, La Tisdale/Carey tombstone Woodlawn
Friday March 30 2007

Rachel Elliott |
My great great grandparents were Woodcocks. I have researched that the origin is Glasgow, Scotland (for the name Woodcock). I would appreciate any more information I can get. I am working on getting their first names.
Monday March 12 2007 - Pine Mountain, Georgia

Barbara Woodcock Shoaf |
Formerley of Toronto , Ontario Canada, I now reside in Lexington North Carolina USA.
I'm interested in all woodcocks , especially those from Ontario Canada.
Monday January 22 2007 - Lexington, North Carolina

Joshua Burns |
Love the site! I'm the grandson of a Roy Alfred Woodcock born 87 years ago in the Midland area of Michigan, USA.
Friday January 19 2007 - Riverside, CA, USA

Thursday January 18 2007 - MARION INDIANA

mac shea |
my grandfather luther woodcock born 20aug. 1877 pender county,nc. changed name to lester shea approx.1910, hoping to find any info .
Tuesday January 9 2007

Delila |
I, also, am a Woodcock. I descend from grandparents Martha Elizabeth (Mattie) Thornton and Joel Woodcock of Arkansas. I worked for the Disney Company a while back and went to Disney World where I was able to have my general family history and family crest researched. Here is what I found from them:

Family Crest: A pelican or, in her nest proper feeding her young argent.

Family Motto: Gesta verbis praevenient.
Translation--(Their deeds go before their words).

Blazon of Arms: Per chevron sable an argent, a chevron countercharged, in chief three escutcheons of the second.

Woodcock Family Name History

The surname Woodcock is of nickname origin, being derived from the bird that bears this name. However, the frequency of this surname leads researchers to believe that it has also absorbed a local surname, “Woodcot”, which comes from the place names Woodcote or Woodcott, both of which signify “cottage in, or near, a wood”. In the Middle Ages, before the advent of a formal system of hereditary family surnames, it was common practice to identify a person according to his nickname. Thus, one finds other surnames which have been similarly derived, such as Nightingale Jay and Dove. Early instances of this surname include one William Wodecoch, whose name is recorded on the Pipe Rolls of Norfolkshire in the year 1175. Later records mention one Johannes Wodecock, who resided in Yorkshire in the year 1379 (Yorkshire Poll Tax), and one Lawrence Wudcocke, whose name is recorded in the Oxford University Register for the year 1516. Woodcock was also the surname of the Mayor of Norwich in the year of 1850. Bearers of this name to the United States of America include Thomas Woodcock, who arrived in the state of Virginia in 1635.

The name has also been recorded in Ireland, being introduced first to County Kilkenny during the Cromwellian period and from there spreading to counties Cork and Wexford: however, today it is mainly found in County Dublin. Irish references include a record of the birth of Anne Woodcock, daughter of Samuel and Elisabeth Woodcock, who was born in Corlican County Wexford, or the 17th of August, 1743. James Joseph Woodcock, son of Patrick Woodcock and Anne D’Arcy, was born in Dublin on the 22nd of September, 1865. Notable bearers of this surname include the composer, Robert Woodcock, who was born in 1692 and who died in 1728.
Wednesday January 3 2007 - Wichita, Ks

Janice Woodcock |
I am researching Woodcocks possibly from the Norfolk area of England. Father Herbert with children Joseph, William? and two daughters. Joseph is my grandfather. He and his wife Rosa Demott lived in Mill Hill, just outside of London. Can find NO information on this line. Anyone know it??
Friday December 29 2006 - Canada

Martin Noakes |
I am researching two lines of Woodcocks in the Peterborough area (Gretton, Nhts and Whittlesey,Cambs) who are related to me and a cousin via a different route. Is anyone else researching Woodcocks in that general area?
Monday December 25 2006 - Uppingham, Rutland, England

Louella Edwards |
Im looking for any relatives of Percival Edward Woodcock Born in sicily islands, Cornwall and served in the welsh regiment.
Married Norah Moon frm India.
Children are Percival,Sylvia and Daphne.
Any information would be appreciated
Tuesday November 28 2006 - India

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