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L'Histoire des Francis & Hester Ann Laundry -Douglas Laundry |
Elizabeth Ann (Woodcock)Laundry daughter of Daniel (1823-1891) and Mary Ann "Matilda" (Oliver) Woodcock is my great grandmother. My sincere thanks to all those who have researched and contributed to the Woodcock Family Site.
Wednesday October 5 2016 - Canada

Sonja Woodruff |
One of my grandfathers named Woodchurch name his son Woodcock.
Saturday September 10 2016 - Crawfordsville, IN

Sheryl Ann Woodcock |
My Husband descends from Henry Woodcock & Eleanor, son was Marquis Woodcoock and Susanah Simmons.
Sunday April 17 2016 - Chipley, Florida

Sharlene Woodcock |
My Grandfather was John Arthur Woodcock, and my Grandmother was LaVerna May Ringland. My Father is Robert Brent Woodcock. My great Grandparents were Fred & Maryann Woodcock who came over from England in 1910-1915. I have not been able to find out any information of our relatives from Manchester England, if anyone could help that would be amazing! Thank you in advance, I would be so grateful to find out anything!
Friday August 28 2015 - Manitoba, Canada

Pat Carter |
Does anyone know if Edward Breland is still updating his part of the site, and if not who is? If no one is, would anyone know who to contact in order to start editing it. Please respond to e-mail address. pattoncarter@aol.com
Tuesday June 2 2015 - Hattiesburg, MS

Judith Krupa/Woodcock |
My grandfather was Marques Loren Woodcock and my grandmother was Kathleen Charlotte Howard. My mother was Doris Arlene (Peggy) who passed away Jan 29/1994. My birthdate is April 9/949.
Wednesday February 18 2015 - Calgary, alberta Canada

barbara woodcock |
a dacendant of christopher ,norman david woodcock
Wednesday December 31 2014 - ontario

barbara woodcock |
i"m a great great granddaughter of david woodcock would like to hear from others
Monday December 29 2014 - ontario

Fred Breland |
My Great Grand Father Samuel Breland moved to Green County Mississippi in the ealy 1800S from South Carolina. I believe we are related to the WoodCocks. I am not sure on this. Any information on this.
Monday October 13 2014 - Hammond Louisiana

donald smith |
Hi.i was born Kim Anthony Woodcock.all i know is my mothers name which was Judith Elizabeth Woodcock.no fathers name on birth cert.i was adopted at 6 months i think but have no other information at all and cant seem to find any anywhere.your my last hope. I would be grateful for any information however small
Thank you :)

[Edit} Additional information has been received regarding this request for help as follows:
.i was born Kim Anthony Woodcock to Judith Elizabeth Woodcock on 6th May 1956 at St Stephens Hospital in Chelsea....i was registered on28th May 1956 by my mother......she lists her name and that she was a childrens nurse at 36 Fernshaw Road Chelsea....no fathers name on my birth certificate tho....i think i was put in a childrens home and was adopted at around 6 months of age.......im not sure but it could be that my mothers mothers name was also Judith Elizabeth Woodcock but im not sure about that.[CW]
Thursday July 31 2014 - Bristol

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